Unveiling the World of Oldskull . . .

Welcome to the ever-growing world of Swords & Sorcery.

In the near future, this page will host a treasury of exclusive content from the author’s World of Oldskull campaign. New revelations will be released monthly to select subscribers, and pages from this lore will – in time – make their way toward this Lyceum reliquary for use by Game Masters.

If you would like to be among the first to view new (and free) monthly releases of this unique Oldskull campaign content, please click on the Sign Up button below. By doing so you will receive monthly Sage-Scrolls from Grimrook, featuring: new book notifications; first come, first serve limited and secret penny codes to download DriveThruRPG e-books for one copper piece each ($0.01); and the author’s new monsters, characters, treasures, and world lore entries. The Sage-Scrolls from Grimrook will only be released once a month, as the author does not believe in spam, harassment, or intrusive e-mail marketing. I want you to welcome my occasional offerings as you would an old school (Draconian?) magazine subscription from afar.

If you are not interested in receiving the Sage-Scrolls, still please feel free to check back here in the future for more content and artwork as the World of Oldskull continues to unfold. All I ask is that you provide credit (to Kent David Kelly) in the spirit of the Open Game License and the Old School Renaissance if you ever choose to share or use my world lore elsewhere. Happy wanderings and enjoy!

All art on this web page was created by Bob Greyvenstein.

Artwork © Grim Press, used with permission. All rights reserved.

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