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A Quick Guide to the Works of Kent David Kelly

This page features links to a myriad of the most popular DriveThruRPG e-books as authored by Kent David Kelly. Thank you for taking a look, as your patronage and reviews are what fuel the Castle Oldskull phenomenon. Links to more and greater works will be expanded in the future!

Cover artists featured herein include: Filippo Balbi, John Bauer, William Blake, Hanns Bolz, Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Joe J. Calkins, Georges Jules Victor Clairin, Jacques de Gheyn the Elder, Herbert James Draper, Matt Forsyth, Christof Grobelski, Bob Greyvenstein, Rick Hershey, Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl, Jack Holliday, Edward Robert Hughes, Forrest Imel, Ludvig Sandoe Ipsin, Theodor Kittelsen, Jarek Madyda, Gustave Moreau, Andreas Roller, Sade, Tan Ho Sim, Dean Spencer, Virginia Sterrett, and Ekaterinya Vladinakova. Please refer to the interior credits page of each featured work for fuller details (as well as the art links gallery featured on this site).

Castle Oldskull Module CO1:
The Classic Dungeon Design Guide
The bestselling compendium of dungeon design ideas. A certified Mithral Bestseller!
Castle Oldskull Module CO4:
Oldskull Dungeon Generator
A solitaire-friendly system for dungeon level generation. Inspired by Gary Gygax’s classic 1979 dungeon system.
Castle Oldskull Module CO7:
Game World Generator – Deluxe Edition
A massive set of interlocking sub-systems for world and campaign design.
Castle Oldskull Module CO2:
The Classic Dungeon Design Guide II
The sequel to the premiere guide, with random dungeon tables galore.
Castle Oldskull Module CO5:
The Book of Dungeon Traps
A huge selection of dungeon traps, categorized by theme and lethality level.
Castle Oldskull Module CO8:
Oldskull Adventure Generator
A complete and solitaire-friendly guide to adventure and scenario design.
Castle Oldskull Module CO3:
The Classic Dungeon Design Guide III
Completing the Guide trilogy, a tome of castle and chamber archetypes.
Castle Oldskull Module CO6:
Oldskull Dungeon Tools
Excel-driven generators for dungeons, monsters, wilderness, and more.
Castle Oldskull Module CO9:
Chaotic Descriptor Table
The biggest random table of them all, for … everything you can imagine.
Castle Oldskull Module CO10:
Dungeon Delver Enhancer
A complete guide to enhancement options for all classic character archetypes.
Castle Oldskull Module CO13:
Oldskull Anti-Paladins
The complete guide to everyone’s favorite forbidden villain class.
Castle Oldskull Module CO16:
Serpentine (Oldskull Serpent Folk)
The guide to Lovecraftian serpent folk, including monster details and a complete character class.
Castle Oldskull Module CO11:
Oldskull Warriors
Full rules and errata for barbarians, fighters, hunters, and more.
Castle Oldskull Module CO14:
Oldskull Plague Doctors
The complete guide to plague doctors, a revolutionary new priest class.
Castle Oldskull Module CO17:
Oldskull Half-Ogres
The full guide to Gygax’s once-official, then gone again foe-hammering race.
Castle Oldskull Module CO12:
Oldskull Knights
Full rules and errata for paladins, anti-paladins, rangers, and more.
Castle Oldskull Module CO15:
Oldskull Gonneslingers
The complete guide to gonneslingers, introducing firearms and Laputa.
Castle Oldskull Module CO18:
Oldskull D100 NPC Generator
A quick at-the-table system for creating detailed NPCs and NPC parties.
Castle Oldskull Module CO19:
Character Tables
Detailed errata for the Advanced edition’s scattered character creation rules.
Castle Oldskull Module CO22:
Oldskull Dungeon Encounters
More quick dungeon encounters and lair ideas, instant inspiration for the time-depleted Game Master.
Castle Oldskull Module CO25:
Oldskull Trolls
Secret lore for trolls, half-giants, hags, Lovecraftian horrors, and more.
Castle Oldskull Module CO20:
Combat Tables
Unifying errata for the Advanced edition’s chaotic combat rules.
Castle Oldskull Module CO23:
Oldskull Dungeon Bestiary
Massive and comprehensive systems for level 1 to 20 encounter design.
Castle Oldskull Module CO26:
Oldskull Monster Generator
Perhaps the world’s largest system for infinite monster generation.
Castle Oldskull Module CO21:
Dungeon Monsters & Treasures – Level 1
Quick and evocative dungeon encounters for low-level adventurers.
Castle Oldskull Module CO24:
Oldskull Dragons
100 unique named dragons of all power levels, along with their treasure hoards.
Castle Oldskull Module CO27:
Oldskull Treasure Trove
Thousands of classic treasures, from coins to barrels of ale.
Castle Oldskull Module CO28:
The Oldskull Deck of Strangest Things
The eldritch tarot of Oldskull, a life-changing artifact of luck, for good and evil.
Castle Oldskull Module CO31:
Captains of the Scarlet Tabard
Lore for mercenary captains, war dogs, elite dungeon troops, and more.
Castle Oldskull Module CO34:
1,000 Rooms of Chaos
One thousand ideas for dungeon chambers, a solitaire-friendly idea generator
Castle Oldskull Module CO29:
City State Encounters
Thousands of ideas and adventure hooks for urban settings.
Castle Oldskull Module CO32:
Oldskull Tyrrhenia Map Pack
Revealing mythic Tyrrhenia, the homeland for the World of Oldskull campaign.
Castle Oldskull Module CO35:
1,000 Rooms of Chaos II
One thousand more ideas for dungeon chambers, featuring forbidden shrines to gods, demigods, and demon lords.
Castle Oldskull Module CO30:
The Order of the Scarlet Tabard
Introducing the Redshirts, the finest mercenary men-at-arms in all of Oldskull.
Castle Oldskull Module CO33:
333 Realms of Entropy
Hundreds of chaos gate aberrations for unforgettable wilderness encounters.
Castle Oldskull Module CO36:
The Pegana Mythos
The master lore book for the Dreamlands world of Lord Dunsany.
Castle Oldskull Module CO37:
The Oldskull Necronomicon
Revelations from Abdul Alhazred, a lore book for swords, sorcery, and the Cthulhu Mythos.
Castle Oldskull – Old School Essentials Module OSE2:
1977 Bestiary
Advanced monsters from the 1977 tome, all redesigned for Basic- and Expert-level play.
Castle Oldskull – Old School Essentials Module OSE5:
Oldskull Grid War
A complete guide to tabletop combat play with maps and miniatures.
Castle Oldskull Module CO38:
Lords of Oldskull – Krampus
Secrets and mysteries of the most curious of demon lords, along with his unique priest-sorcerer class.
Castle Oldskull – Old School Essentials Module OSE3:
Adventurer’s Arsenal
Wrangling the entire Advanced weaponry system into a more manageable format for Basic- and Expert-level play.
Castle Oldskull – Old School Essentials Module OSE1:
Character Creation
A full set of player and character options that Moldvay forgot, for Basic- and Expert-level play.
Castle Oldskull – Old School Essentials Module OSE4:
Turn Tracker
The Game Master’s tabletop guide to turn-by-turn dungeon exploration.
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