The Artists of Castle Oldskull

The Castle Oldskull supplements are well known for their lavish illustrations, drawing from the masters of old as well as from contemporary artists of fantasy (many of whom would welcome your praise and patronage).

This page provides you with links to artists of the Golden Age whose works – in whole or in part – reside now within the public domain. You will also find here links to the DriveThruRPG pages of modern artists who provide generous stock art licenses for modest payments.

These links are purely unsolicited; neither artists nor companies can ask to be featured here. I simply encourage you to seek these fine people out if you wish to create your own books or websites featuring their work.

Enjoy the gallery!

Arthur Rackham
John Dickson Batten
Gustave Dore
Henry Justice Ford
Albrecht Durer
Theodor Kittelsen
John Bauer
Kay Nielsen
Virginia Frances Sterrett

Recommended Artists for Your Own Creations

Dave Allsop (Ironhead Arts)

Jack Badashski (Aegis Studios)

Jeff Brown

George Cotronis (Kraken Press)

Matt Forsyth

Felipe Gaona (Fat Goblin Games)

Bob Greyvenstein (Grim Press)

Christof Grobelski

Rick Hershey (Fat Goblin Games)

Jack Holliday (J. H. Illustrations)

Forrest Imel

William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Bradley K. McDevitt (Postmortem Studios)

Sade (Misfit Studios)

Tan Ho Sim

Patricia Smith (Misfit Studios)

Dean Spencer

Peter Temesi (Hopsy Graphic Art)

Colin C. Throm (Fat Goblin Games)

Ekaterinya Vladinakova

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