Castle Oldskull Art Gallery #2 – Mega-Dungeon Revealed


A digital download featuring a Midjourney art image generation code, and a quick start guide for Midjourney learners.


Castle Oldskull Art Gallery #2 – Mega-Dungeon Revealed

This unique image was created by veteran designer Kent David Kelly using the Midjourney Artificial Intelligence (MJ AI) system. If you already have your own account, you can use the prompt code featured in this PDF to create your own similar artwork.

If you do not yet know how to use Midjourney, this PDF includes a 6-page quick start guide with associated links. Some reading and practice on your part will be required. You can also find much more information in the 126 pages of my featured companion e-book, Beginning with Midjourney.

Your generated artwork can be used for any purposes you desire, personal or commercial. Midjourney grants you co-ownership of the images you create, and the images can also be seen and modified by the Midjourney Discord community. Refer to the Midjourney agreement for further details. (This agreement is not replicated here, because is not affiliated with Midjourney, and Midjourney can change their agreement specifics as they see fit.)

This purchase includes one 8-page PDF, with 1 fully detailed Midjourney code and additional support information. The code will allow you to create as many different images as you like. The code 100% belongs to you, and it can always be edited or improved as you see fit. As a purchaser, Kent David Kelly also grants you the right to use the generated image on this page in your own works, personal or commercial, with or without attribution. If you would like to provide attribution, please consider using the following text: “Some artwork by Kent David Kelly ( & Midjourney AI.”

Please note that as a digital download file, this is a non-refundable purchase. You are purchasing information as a service, which provides learning insight and allows you to create your own artwork. You are not purchasing a physical item. (Similarly, you should not buy more than one copy of this specific product. Each code featured on this website is different, and featured in a different product.)

If your purchased file does not seem to appear on your computer, be sure to check your Downloads folder. It is advisable to save your downloaded PDF somewhere safe on your computer for future reference.

Happy art imagining, and enjoy! Be sure to check out our other featured codes for many more image creation options.

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