Castle Oldskull in Print: Softcovers

The real world, sadly, is quite a domineering presence within the realms of fantasy role-playing. As print costs continue to increase due to supply chain issues, work shortages, inflation, and fuel prices, it becomes harder and harder to provide quality softcover book editions featuring color art and tables on every printed page.

Fortunately, The Book Patch provides high-quality editions at fair prices with a rapid customer turnaround. Over time, the Castle Oldskull e-book library will be made available in print, on a per-title basis. These file and formatting conversions require meticulous care and time, and the author (that’s me) personally ensures that each new book is proof-reviewed via a true physical in-hand copy prior to any wider publication.

Be sure to check back here frequently to see if your favorite Castle Oldskull book is yet available in an illustrated color softcover edition. If reviews are favorable and all goes well, hardcover editions may also be released in the future.

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