About the Game Master

Kent David Kelly is an author, game designer, artist, poet, and – whenever necessary – a court and judicial consulting expert of 22 years’ experience.

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Kent David Kelly

Having grown up (to some fair extent) in the Gorgonstar Lands of Illinois as well as the Hodag-haunted backwoods of Wisconsin, Kent’s family uprooted itself in the Iron Age to establish a Geneva-allegiant House Minor deep in the Chaos-defying Borderlands of Colorado.

Kent, his wife Michelle, and their son Liam are owned by several cats with fanciful names (sister Artemis and brother Apollo, Bastian the White, Loki the Black, and youngest impostor Anubis, from out of the Stygian Underworld).

Areas of Expertise

Game Design (RPGs, card games, solitaire storytelling)

Art & Creative Design (pencils, ink, covers & cartography)

Writing & Editing (novels, biographies, poetry & history)

Consulting (in his professional court capacity)

Current and Past Project Highlights

Castle Oldskull Game DesignAuthor & Publisher
(2012 – Present)
Created a highly-regarded series of over 40 game books for old school (Arnesonian & Gygaxian) Fantasy Role-Playing Games. Sales and downloads exceed 100,000 copies.

Bundle of Holding Presents: Castle OldskullFeatured Author
As invited by Mr. Allen Varney, raised over $14,000 in funds and $7,000 in charity for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Hawk & Moor History ResearchAuthor
(2008 – 2015)
Researched and wrote a multi-perspective biography and historical retrospective concerning the groundbreaking Lake Geneva and Twin Cities gaming groups (1968-1977). Cited as a resource work for Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons, by Michael Witwer.

The King in Yellow IncidentEditor

Accidentally sold 10,000+ copies (in four days) of a unique illustrated edition of The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers (1895) when the Wall Street Journal reported on the overnight success of True Detective with all its occult obscura.

The Complete Alice in Wonderland ArchiveResearch Writer & Editor
(2007 – 2013)
In honor of Alice Pleasance, researched and designed one of the most highly-regarded compendiums of material chronicling the creative works and juvenilia of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll).

The Acaeum Valuation BoardConsultant
(2004 – 2005)
As selected by webmaster Foulfoot, assisted the Acaeum.com website – long regarded as the unofficial authority in FRPG collectible pricing – in modernizing its data analysis and gap resolution techniques for rarity, condition, and pricing.

Dark Angel CollectiblesWebmaster
(1999 – 2005)
Ran a popular eBay web store which specialized in rare games, antiques, collectibles, art, and music. Before the Dark Times. Before the Empire …

InQuest Gamer Magazine Featured Author
(1999 – 2000)
Contributed a dozen or so articles, published in InQuest magazine, concerning Collectible Card Game (CCG) strategies.

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