Castle Oldskull gaming supplements enhance your tabletop experience with exciting new ideas and iconic imagery, bringing the worlds of your imagination to life.

Explore a vast array of Game Master and Player options for dungeon design, world creation, character classes, monsters, treasures, lone wolf solo play, and more.

The Classic Dungeon Design Guide – filled with thousands of bold ideas designed to bring your imagined Underworld to vivid life – begins your journey into the Unknown.

The Classic Dungeon Design Guide

PDF E-Book, 220 Pages

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The original Mithral-bestselling guide to Gygaxian & Arnesonian era dungeon design.

Dungeon Design Module CO1, first in the Castle Oldskull supplement series (and first in the Classic Dungeon Design Guide trilogy).


PDF e-book files are provided to you for immediate download upon purchase.

“Some really impressive stuff in here. Really useful stuff for all writers.”

J. Pinto, co-author of the award-winning RPG Toolbox & Ultimate Toolbox

“This is probably the best dungeon design book I’ve ever read.”

Emily B., Purchaser

“This book brings every dungeon building technique together to show you how to make a mega-dungeon down to room-to-room detail. This book showed me how to put it all together.”

Sean M., Purchaser

“I’ve developed a real appreciation for good, logical, well-written sets of tables for detailing anything and everything in the classic style dungeons that I love. And if I had to pick my top three books of tables and game enhancements, this would unquestionably be one of them..”

Jean M., Purchaser

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